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EDEN LAWNS Roll on lawn suppliers

Eden Lawns is a Roll on Lawn Supplier based in Sedgefield, Western Cape. We have consistently supplied high-quality Instant Roll-on Lawn to the public and commercial nurseries for over 10 years.

We offer a range of roll-on lawn services:

  • Instant Lawn Supply
  • Laying of Lawn
  • Lawn Delivery

What Grass do we supply?

We supply 5 different kinds of grass:
KWEEK-BUFFALO, BUFFALO-KWEEK 80/20, LM BEREA, Kweek and Kikuyu. We ensure that our combination lawns are made up of the perfect combinations to be soft, drought tolerant and able to withstand increased foot traffic.


Eden Lawns Instant / Roll on Grass

If you need instant roll on lawn instantly, then just give us a ring or send us a message. We supply to the public and wholesale to other lawn suppliers.

044 343 2883or

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When it comes to lawns, we do it all

Our Services

Lawn Supply

We’ll lift all the grass you need, ready for you to collect and make your garden’s lawn look amazing!

Lawn Delivery

We can deliver your Instant / Roll-on Lawn straight to your doorstep.

Planting Lawn

We are able to plant your Instant / Roll-on Lawn for you, giving your new lawn the attention it needs.

only the best roll-on lawn

We Offer 5 Grass types

Grass types | LM berea | Roll on lawn suppliers | Eden Lawns
LM berea

Our LM Berea Lawn is the softest and most comfortable lawn you’ll ever have a picnic on! Known for being able to thrive in the shade, it creates a thick, dense mat of lush green grass when left at a high mowing height.

Grass types | BUFFALO-KWEEK 50/50 | Roll on lawn suppliers | Eden Lawns

Our Kweek-Buffalo Lawn combination grows the best in direct sunlight, able to offer an abundant mat of dark green grass after planting. With roughly an equal mixture of Buffalo and Kweek, this combination has great Drought resistance and Foot Traffic resistance characteristics.

Grass types | BUFFALO-KWEEK 80/20 | Roll on lawn suppliers | Eden Lawns
Buffalo-Kweek 80/20

Our 80/20 Buffalo-Kweek Lawn combination grows well in direct sunlight and Shaded Areas, offering a lush “spongy” mat of healthy lawn. With roughly 80% Buffalo and 20% Kweek,  this lawn combination has the edge on all others when it comes to the perfection of balancing Shade Tolerance, Drought Tolerance and tolerance to Foot Traffic.


A densely matted grass that can grow very quickly when given enough fertilizer and water. Recommended for those who are used to good maintenance practices.


Our Kweek (Cynodon Dactylon) also comes as quite a thick mat, but if you choose, it can be mowed and manicured to replicate the most flat bowling green! It beats all other lawns when it comes to withstanding foot traffic and can therefore also be used for Sports Fields.

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